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    Arvind Bob Khurana has more than 20 years of experience in complex litigation and class actions. He started his career in the litigation group of a top international defense firm, Hogan & Hartson n/k/a Hogan Lovells, where he represented Fortune 500 clients in cases involving intellectual property disputes, business transactions, financial disputes, product liability, antitrust and securities claims.


    In 2005, Arvind joined a national class action firm, Milberg LLP, where he became a partner in 2009. At Milberg, he worked on a wide range of cases, including ERISA actions, qui tam cases, transaction/merger litigation, breach of contract class actions, antitrust cases, securities fraud and trustee fiduciary duty actions. He has represented investors, retirees, employees, families, business owners, pension funds and professors. Arvind has obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements for investors, retirement beneficiaries and victims of fraud and mismanagement.


    In 2017, Arvind started the Khurana Law Firm where he represents clients in class actions, qui tam and complex litigation.


  • Practice areas

    Class Actions

    We handle a wide range of class action matters concerning consumer protection, deceptive trade practices, fiduciary litigation and employee benefits.

    Commercial Litigation

    We represent individuals and companies in disputes involving breaches of fiduciary duties, breaches of contract, real estate and intellectual property disputes.

    False Claims Act Litigation

    The False Claims Act is one of the most critical and effective tools used by the government to identify fraud and return billions of dollars to government-funded programs. Since January 2009, the government has recovered almost $20 billion through the False Claims Act for healthcare fraud and has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in rewards to whistleblowers. If you are aware of Medicare fraud, contact us for a free case evaluation.

    Financial Fraud

    We represent employees, investors, businesses, and retirees in actions against companies, investment companies, insurance companies for fraud and abusive practices.

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